Sunday, 6 April 2014

Cards Found update

Lots of card finds have been sent to me since the last 'found card' posting. There is this Jack of Spades found by Tom Wishart, son of Lou Wishart, a student on our course, who found this in Reigate on his way home from school.
A few weeks later, he found the ten of diamonds, photographed here in situ. Tom has decided, like me, that if he finds several discarded cards, he can pick up any one of them. 
The eight of diamonds was found by Luise W at the foot of U Bein's bridge in Burma (Myanmar).

A couple of days later she found a ripped Jack of Hearts at Hsinbyume Pagoda, Mingun.
This Ten of Hearts was found by Jim O'Brian, on wet tarmac outside the recycling centre in Exeter.
 The Queen of Diamonds was found by Reece Wykes following a talk I gave to BA Illustration students at Kingston University.