Thursday, 21 June 2012

THE CARD Review - Scotsman

Very nice review by Lee Randall in the Scotsman last Saturday. Please excuse the awful photograph, which must have been taken several years ago. I never sit cross-legged on the kitchen counter; the photographer made me do it. Anyway here it is.

THE CARD Review - Manchester Evening News

Bubble gum card collector Riley Richardson has been assigned a coded mission by MI5 to protect the life of Princess Diana. Or so it seems. 
The Queen of Hearts playing card, dropped in a deserted alleyway by a mysterious grey-haired man, is Riley's starting point. More cards, and thus more clues, appear. But has Riley got what it takes to decipher the cards correctly?
And will he be able to solve the mystery of the illusive card 19, which has haunted him for 30 years? The answer, as they say, is in the cards.
The Card by Graham Rawle is engaging, thought-provoking, and at times laugh out loud funny. The use of typographical features to highlight parts of the text and Rawle's illustrations of the cards is also visually striking. This story about ephemera is in no way short-lived.
Review by Liz Ellis

Monday, 18 June 2012

5x15 Author Event - Shoreditch House

On Wednesday (June 20th) I'm giving a 15 minute talk about The Card as part of the 5x15 event at Shoreditch House where various speakers will be telling non-fiction stories. The other four (of the 5) are Maggi Hambling, Claudia Hammond, Elaine Proctor and Keith Khan-Harris. Here are the details.

Shoreditch House, The Biscuit Tin Bar  - Wednesday 20th June 6.30pm 
We have a one-off invitation for our most loyal supporters! On Wednesday June 20th we're putting on a very special event at Shoreditch House, one of our favourite venues in London. The evening features a stellar line-up including iconic British artist Maggi Hambling, award-winning broadcaster and writer Claudia Hammond, and Graham Rawle, the man who brought us the hugely popular 'Lost Consonants'. In keeping with the setting, we've come over all East London and will be hanging out in The Biscuit Tin, one of Shoreditch House's uber-cool bars, soaking up the atmosphere while listening to our five stimulating speakers.
Maggi Hambling - on a lifetime in art and her latest exhibition
Claudia Hammond - experiments with time and perception
South African filmmaker and writer Elaine Proctor - shares the stories behind her work
Keith Kahn-Harris - on big fish in small ponds
Graham Rawle - lays his new novel, The Card, on the table

Tickets for this event are FREE, and restricted to Season Ticket holders and friends of 5x15. To secure tickets for you and a friend, please email We will allocate tickets on a first come, first serve basis and anticipate high demand, so don't delay!

Shoreditch House
Ebor Street
London E1 6AW

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Sunday, 10 June 2012