Friday, 25 July 2014

Interview by Hardy Parker in The Loop

In the latest issue of The Loop, the excellent children's magazine 'for kids who are into everything and anything' there is an interview with me by Hardy Parker who came to the studio a few weeks ago for a chat. He has done an amazing job, all the more remarkable since he is only 10 years old. His questions were great and his reporting is very accurate. (I can almost hear my own annoying voice when I read it.) Amazing job. It's too long to include here, but do check it out.
The interview was arranged by photographer Jenny Lewis who also took the picture of us. Jenny is a wonderful portrait photographer who came to the studio to take pictures of me and Margaret for her Hackney Studio project where she photographs (Hackney) artists in their studios, the next subject being suggested the previous one, which creates a lovely meandering chain of linked artist. Here are some of the ones she took of us, but you should visit her website to see more of her work.

Textures Exhibition - Johannesburg

It's been and gone, but I've only just found out about it. In April 2014 Woman's World was part of an exhibition of artists' books iat the University of Johannesburg, South Africa: Textures: an exhibition of text, textures and structure in artists' books, curated by Jack Ginsberg, David Paton and Rosalind Cleaver. It included books by Tom Phillips, Jonathan Safran Foer, Ilia Zdanevich, Naum Gronvskii, Mark Danielewski, Hedi Kyle, Marion Bataille and David Pearson. You can download the catalogue here, see Jack Ginsberg's introduction to the exhibition on Youtube here and generally see more about it here.

Frank Damek - card collector

Here's the original story of Frank Damek who collected a complete deck of found cards. It appeared in an 1870 Chicago newspaper and was the story that I used in my 1993 series Lying Doggo, but I'd never seen the original article. It inspired me to collect cards found on the street, and I've been on the lookout since then. Someone suggested that the story was probably made up by a journalist to fill space in the newspaper, but I prefer to think that it is true.

Varoom talk at Foyles Gallery

I forgot to post this link to the talk I gave at Foyles back in April. (Illustration Rules?! - Launch of the AOI's Varoom 21 magazine with Viviane Schwarz and Phoebe Halstead. It was recorded and can be heard on Soundcloud via this link. Though why anyone would want to listen, I'm not sure. I didn't, but then I heard it the first time. Pictured here after the event, Margaret Huber (Mrs Rawle) and I are showing off our matching tartan socks.