Friday, 15 February 2013

The Card - Research News

Here I am exploring multimodal literature in Brighton's latest edition of CRD's Research News. Click to enlarge.

Yet another card found by me...

I found this card yesterday outside KopyKat printers on Rivington Street near my home. It has the number 23 written on the back. This is the third card I've found in a month, which is quite remarkable. I must be looking harder these days. The three most recent cards are all spades. And for those of you who are fascinated to know how my collection is going, I can tell you that in nearly 20 years I have found a total of 38 cards, but because of duplicates I only have 26 different. Half way there, though the chances of duplication increase dramatically as I near my seemingly impossible goal. In 38 cards there have only been two from the clubs suit.