Thursday, 31 January 2013

Card found by ME. Again.

Good heavens.  I have found two cards this year - and January is not yet over. I normally go for years without finding any. I spotted this soggy one yesterday across the road from the University of Brighton on Grand Parade. How exciting it was to see it lying there.

Card found by Camberwell student

A card found yesterday by Camberwell student Chloe Greenfield. Great picture. The Queen of hearts is significantly the first card Riley finds in the book, the one the sets him off on his mission. She says this.
"You gave a talk to us last year at Camberwell where you spoke about your book The Card amongst many other things, and since then i've been anticipating the moment where a queen of hearts should fall into my path (not sure why queen of hearts, just my favourite). Today, as I was waiting at my bus stop in dulwich with a grim early-morning frown , I saw her staring up at my through the drizzle and cigarette butts. It was a special moment and my heart soared . I didn't pick her up as it's a particularly dull bus-stop so i thought someone else would appreciate her too."
Knowing she left it on the road makes me want to go over to Dulwich to see if it's still there, but I have a train to catch.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Card found - Euston BY ME!

Though other people seem to be finding playing cards all over the place (see below), it's been nearly two years since I found a card on the street. The last time was 27 May 2011. I spotted this one yesterday on my mum's 85th birthday. It was lying in the gutter just as she was getting out of my brother's car on a side street near Euston Station. The card is a miniature so is quite hard to spot, as you can see from the picture. I was excited beyond all reason.

Australian cards found in Edinburgh

This great photo was sent to me by Mark Blackadder (for whom I signed a copy of The Card some months ago). He spotted these Australian flag playing cards amongst the trash spilling out of a bin bag at the top of his street in Edinburgh. My personal rule is that if I find a number of cards, I am allowed to pick up only one of them. I'd probably have gone for the five of clubs.

Card found - Brighton

This card was found by actress, singer and synaesthetic artist Philippa Stanton ( the day after she started reading The Card. The jack of diamonds was lying on the Ditchling Road in Brighton. She did not pick it up (Aach! Dutty!), but photographed it and sent the picture to me - for which I am most grateful.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Found card - Teesside

Here's another card, this time found by Teesside Graphic Design student Arron Wilson in the Mall. Is the Mall a street or a shopping centre? I don't know. The card is a miniature so would have been harder to spot, but Teesside students have a well-trained eye for this sort of thing. If YOU find a card, do let me know.