Sunday, 29 March 2015

Teal Triggs - Woman's World

I'm extremely flattered to see that the highly influential Teal Triggs has been sent into 'literary and design heaven' by Woman's World, one of the books she talks about on this recent posting on an interview about her bookshelf on It's Nice That. Teal is Professor of Graphic Design and Associate Dean at the Royal College of Art.

Visiting Professor NUA

I've been made Visiting Professor of Illustration at Norwich University of the Arts. That's quite an honour and I am very pleased to be associated with NUA. I will be giving my inaugural-professorial-trying-to-sound-smart-ial lecture at 6pm on Wednesday April 15th. The title of the talk is Writing With Scissors: A Sideways Look at Narrative Design. If you're in the area, or feel like trekking across the country to hear me speak, the details are here on the university website.

Association of Illustrators Industry Insights

I did an interview for the 'Members Only' section of the Association of Illustration website. I'm not a member so I haven't seen it up and running. Perhaps you are and you have? Anyway, it's on their website. Here are some screen shots they sent me, which might be too small to read. Oh well. Try clicking to enlarge.

Confessions of a Catastrophist

Carlo Gebler's excellent Confessions of a Catastrophist is finally published. Here is the book jacket I did for it and here is a Youtube link to Carlo reading a passage from it.

Long Time No Blog

I haven't posted anything in months. I've been busy writing my book Overland (Draft 5 now finished), and I have lots and lots of playing cards found by others that need scanning so that I can put them up here for all to see. Coming soon.