Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Wizard Of Oz Conference - Fresno CA

I'm giving a talk as part of a huge conference on The Wizard of Oz books at The Arne Nixon Center in Fresno, California. There are lots of things going on and they have an impressive line-up of speakers, authors who are the world's authorities on The Wizard of Oz. Plus me. The conference is organised by the International Wizard of Oz Club and the Arne Nixon Center and runs May 14th – 16th 2010. I am the very last guest to appear on Sunday 16th at 11.15 a.m. Don't be late.

V&A Illustration Awards 2010

I am judging the Student Awards for the V&A Illustration Awards this year with Slawa Harasymowicz, one of last year's winners. We have now made our final choices, but I don't think the winners have been announced yet. Quite exciting. The Awards party at the V&A is on 21st of June.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Falmouth Open Forum

On Friday this week (March 12th) I'll be taking part in The Untamed Tiger – The Illustrator and the Self-initiated Project, a forum at the University College, Falmouth. "Ideas around the theme of enterprising illustrators who generate their own projects, creating their own employment and working on their own terms; the development of new autonomies and enterprising initiatives in illustration." Chaired by Amelia Johnstone the main speakers are Bill Bragg, Graham Rawle, Matthew Richardson and Jonathon Rosen, with additional guests Anna Bhushan, Andrew Foster and David Kerr. Do come along. Further details here.

Woman's World Review - Chazz W

Chazz W (whoever he or she may be) makes some nice observations about Woman's World.

Woman's World Review - Suite 101

Great review from Rebecca Benoot at Suite 101.