Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Cards found - not by me

I gave a talk at the Galley Club a couple of weeks ago. When I talk about my book, The Card, and card collecting, I like to tell the audience that on the way home one of them will find a playing card on the street. And of course, somebody usually does. Card no.1 was found by Neringa Pangonyte (who has just done an MA in Publishing at Kingston University) the day after she finished reading the book. The jack of clubs was lying face down on her walk home from the bus stop. Card no. 2 (also the jack of clubs, but a different design) was found by Shannon Ashley following a lecture I did at LCC last week as part of an forum organised by University College, Falmouth. Shannon's card, which was either photographed in a mirror or printed in reverse, was found on the street outside a pub the next day. Thanks to both of you for sending pictures. Coincidence? No such thing.
The cards are out there, but you have to keep your eyes and your mind open. Let me know if you find one.